Artist Biography

Cristina Bencina is an illustrator on Long Island, New York. She studied illustration and has a BFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

She specializes in horror and fantasy illustrations for book covers and other sorts of various publications. She's interested in job pursuits related to narrative illustrations for editorial, entertainment & books.

In her spare time, Cristina enjoys reading, swimming laps, gaming, sculpting, and photography.

She is currently available for work.


Please refer to my LinkedIn for a detailed resume.

Exhibitions and Publications
2009      Exhibition Show, SVA Gallery, NYC
2011      Poisoned Apples and Smoking Lamps, Visual Arts Gallery, NYC
2013      Portfolio No. 33, School of Visual Arts, NYC
2013      2012 Cartooning Portfolio Magazine, School of Visual Arts, NYC
2014      Animystics: Our Spirit Animals, Totems, and Familiars, Light Grey Art Lab, Minneapolis, MN
2014      Spectrum 21, Flesk Publications
2014      Concept Art World, Featured Artist
2014      Creative Quarterly 35, Online Gallery
2015      Creative Quarterly 38, Online Gallery
2015      INSPIRED, ArtOrder Publication
2016      ImagineFX, Issue 135: Featured Traditional Fantasy Artist in FXPose
2016      The Journal, Art Order Invitational Art Book: Salon Exhibition
2017      HTHS: Annual Alumni Exhibiton, Long Island, NY