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Frequently Asked Questions


About this FAQ
Thank you for visiting my page. Because of my availability - I am not able to respond to each individual request. Please refer to this FAQ before sending me an email. Thanks!
What is your process?
My process begins in traditional mixed media and ends on the computer. Working tradtionally gives me a good base to work on – since textures and brushstrokes are difficult to simulate on a machine. I use a variety of mediums such graphite, acrylic matte medium, ink, acrylic, and acrylic gouache. I usually paint with watered down acrylics - slowly building up many layers of washes. From there, I bring the piece on to the computer where where I can easily manipulate colors and overall lighting on my cintiq. A very thorough tutorial can be found on my blog.
Do you use any special digital brushes?
I use a few self made brushes in photoshop. Lots of times - I create brushes for individual pieces. Alot of these brushes replicate traditional media in ways of textures. Because I start with a acrylic base - I need the brushes to simulate texture nicely so it blends well with the base. In the middle of making a piece - sometimes I open a new file to create a new brush for a particular effect I need at that particular moment.
Are you open for commissions?
I am currently available for work.
Do you sell prints?
My store is temporarily closed. You can find my store here.
Do you do mentorships?
Please contact me with mentorship requests.
I am an art student - My teacher told me to contact an illustrator. Can I email you a list of questions for my assignment?
I am not available to answer assignment lists. Please read this FAQ for some common questions I recieve. I have also made several tutorials on my blog with lots of information about my process. If you have a genuine question, however, don't be afraid to ask.
Do you do interviews?
Contact me with inquiries.